Monday, October 09, 2006

...Just Really Sleepy

Just an occasional reminder: this blog's not dead, it's just really sleepy.

My disc indexing program sort of died on me (although I don't think it was at fault, since the whole hard drive went, too). So I have to dig to find a lot of what some of you would like reposted.

I haven't forgotten you, and I'm going to try to do three things within the next few weeks:

1. Locate everything that's already been posted so I can repost it.

2. Get some more stuff ready to post.

3. Burn it all on a specially marked backup just for YOU, my occasional visitors. Then when the links die, they can be resurrected with ease. None of this stuff getting lost business.

Some of what's coming up may be in "surprise" form. Not just for you, but for me, too. I've got lots of stuff from records (and various other sources) on minidiscs (yes, I'm that person who owns a minidisc player, you know, the only one), and I'd like to clear them off by burning them to CD. I'll post some of those both to share and in some cases, to see if you know what they are. You see, lots of them are unmarked...

So if you visit once in awhile and see this, know that the blog's just really sleepy.



PS #1—Not sure how well I can find them, but if you've got any requests for stuff, comment away. I'll do my best.

PS #2—The use of "few weeks" above is subject to extension. It's a "Mister Lester Keen few weeks," but I'll try to get it done soon.

PS #3—I want to say thank you to nomwl1 from You Don't Have To Visit This Blog (link in the links section) for linking to me. For anyone visiting from there, welcome! (and also, sorry there's so little here...)

PS #4 (added a day later...)—I've added some more of my favorite sites to the links section, they're all fun places to visit and I'd like to thank them all for all they do!


Blogger nomwl1 said...

Hi Keen!

You're very much welcome. How could I not link to you? You're fantastic! I think you and I are on the same basic time frame. :)) And boy, do I know what computer & equipment issues are like too!

Can't wait to see what you'll post next. Always looking forward to it. Keep up the great work (no matter how long it takes!). :)))

P.S. And if the stuff you post is any indication of what it means to be sleepy, we should all be this sleepy!

9:14 PM  

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